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  • 博物馆展示柜有什么要求
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The exhibition cabinets of museums carry the Chinese civilization of 5,000 years and inherit Chinese culture. Many museums, exhibition halls and exhibitions will use the exhibition cabinets. In order to ensure the safety of cultural relics, there are certain requirements for the exhibition cabinets of cultural relics. Let the exhibition show Shang Yang today to tell you about the museum display production needs to meet what kind of requirements.
First, the materials of museum display cabinets: The materials used should be made of environmentally friendly materials. They should be able to provide relevant inspection reports to eliminate fake and inferior materials and avoid pollution and damage to cultural relics.
Second, the constant temperature and humidity of the museum display cabinet: The interior environment of the museum display cabinet is constant, the temperature is controlled at 18-25 degrees Celsius, and the humidity does not exceed 60 %.
Third, the closure of museum display cabinets: the display cabinets should be closed structure, the interior display space should be completely closed, to avoid polluting particles into the exhibition space, must control the cultural relics to show the stability of the space environment. The air exchange rate between the space and the outside world should be controlled within 20 % to avoid oxidation of cultural relics.
Fourth, the shape and scale of the museum display cabinet: the shape and scale must meet the requirements, the 45-degree right angle has no shadow splicing, the appearance is without blemishes, the display cabinet crevices, lines should be flat, symmetrical, the edges are smooth, and the edges are clear; The dimensional accuracy scale difference should be controlled within plus or minus 1.5 mm.
Fifth, the safety of museum display cabinets: In order to ensure the safety of cultural relics, the glass of exhibition cabinets should be tempered with ultra-white and highly transparent glass, and the glass light transmission rate should reach more than 90 %, ensuring that cultural relics are most real. The color is displayed in front of the audience; Glass can accept more than 50 kilograms of impact, even if the glass is broken, it will not cause damage to cultural relics and spectators; The locks used in cultural relics display cabinets should have a certain degree of anti-theft.
Museum display cabinets need to meet the requirements of today to introduce to everyone here, want to know more about the exhibition cabinet knowledge please pay attention to the exhibition exhibition.