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  • 博物馆展示柜阴雨天怎么样保养
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Museum cabinets are used to store cultural relics and some historic items. In the South, in the rainy season, where there are some damp spots, how should the museum display cabinets be preserved and maintained? Here are a few tips:
Plants: found in the room, formaldehyde and other harmful gas volatilization, on the one hand to open more doors and Windows, on the other hand, can also be placed in the home hanging orchid, aloe and other green plants with adsorption purification function. When the situation is serious, it is recommended to use formaldehyde catchers, catalytic products, and air filtration devices or activated carbon for pollution control. Multi-functional air purification devices can also be used to clean up various pollutants in the indoor air.
Ventilation: When the rain is continuous, the doors and windows facing south or Southeast(ie, the upper wind) are closed, and only the doors and Windows in the downwind direction are opened to reduce the vapor entering the room. When the weather clears, all doors and Windows can be opened to accelerate the evaporation of water.
Air conditioning: It is convenient to use the dehumidifier or turn on the air conditioner from time to time to extract water from the air. Air-conditioning is not only used to regulate the indoor temperature, winter warm summer cool, but also can be used as a "dryer" to avoid clothing and furniture in the wet season damp moldy.
Lime: Lime is an adsorbent, and 1 kg of quicklime can adsorb about 0.3 kg of water in the air. It can be wrapped in cloth or sacks of quicklime and placed around the room to keep the air dry.
Dehumidifying agent: you can buy some anti-moisture desiccant in the living room sofa and corner, bedroom under the bed and kitchen cabinet. The dehumidifiers that purchase absorbent resins and charcoal as raw materials are placed in smaller spaces. For example, closed spaces such as clothing cabinets and shoe cabinets can be hung with a bag of dehumidifiers to expel moisture.
I hope the above points are helpful to the display cabinets