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  • 保温展柜的使用介绍
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    试剂的特点:无氯:"超湿剂不含氯化锂,不像其他一些产品(氯化锂是一种盐化工产业,有多种金属,潜在危险的盐可以触摸的灰尘或人员金属)超湿剂组合物两硅和3 2氯化铝氧化.




    长期稳定性:"superhumidifier"可以保持其性能在两到五年,和其他相对湿度的加湿器已经失去了大部分的性能.性价比高:"superhumidifier"比同类产品更具成本效益的市场.对蒙脱石的润湿剂,它更适合0% RH-40 %相对湿度相对湿度,无其他技术优势.



The museum display case should use the imported cultural relic special control wetting agent. In the storage box, it is a new kind of high temperature agent which can control relative humidity well. SCOPE OF APPLICATION: long-term or temporary display and collection of cultural relics, such as cultural relics, fabrics, pottery, lacquerware, bronze ware, etc Jed, pearls, jade, agate, art, gold products display, collection, maintenance. Exhibition Cabinets require that museum display cabinets of cultural relics must be properly arranged, easy to store medicines, easy to store and store, display cabinets must be equipped with internal. Reagent features: chlorine-free: "super-wetting agent does not contain lithium chloride, unlike some other products lithium chloride is a salt chemical industry, there are a variety of metals, potentially dangerous salts can be touched by dust or people metal super-wetting agent compositions silicon and 32 aluminum chloride oxide. ". Low loss: "superhumidifier silica beads are produced with less dust than other silica gels, " With a loss rate of 0.05% . High density: 1 kg "super humidifier" requires 1.5 litres of capacity, much less than other similar products. Long-term stability: "superhumidifier" can maintain its performance for two to five years, and other humidifiers with relative humidity have lost most of their performance. Cost-effective: a more cost-effective market for "superhumidifier" than similar products. For Montmorillonite wetting agents, it is more suitable for 0% RH-40% rh relative humidity, no other technical advantages. Humidity is not affected: set temperature and humidity to react with "superhumidifier" like any other organic material. However, the margin of error is plus or minus 2% .