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  • 博物馆展柜尺寸的设计的技巧
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Museum display case is one of the most important exhibition tools in museum. Most cultural relics need to be mounted and displayed by using various display case. So what are my skills in terms of size when designing a museum display case? Let's talk about it today. 1. At the beginning of the design, the museum's data can be measured by a 3D measuring instrument. The design data is not as accurate but the advantage is that the design is efficient and can be obtained quickly. And then you design the renderings. 2, for the display case design data we have to measure and proofread manually in the measuring instrument technology. Because the data is more accurate at this time is crucial, a little error may cause the serious consequence that installs when unable to install. 3, when the cabinet size design, we suggest to reserve 0.5-1cm space for later installation of fine-tuning, general cabinet size design to follow the "appropriate big not small" principle. If you know that the gap can be filled through the engineering glue, does not affect the aesthetic, can also play an auxiliary role in the cabinet fixed. However, if the cabinet is slightly larger may not cause the consequences of installation, post-adjustment is very difficult. 4, for the design of the sheetmetal we are "should not be small" because the sheetmetal in the welding process can be through bending, grinding and other ways to reduce and adjust. The malleability and plasticity of metals provide room for improvement in display case design. 5. Here's another tip to share. If the display case installed glass after the overall balance if the tilt is not very large then you can first do not need to adjust the later through the angle of the roller to achieve balance. This method can make up the unevenness of the sheet metal and the cabinet body. So when designing the exhibition cabinet, the museum can use the size optimization to get a more overall effect. I hope that the vast number of museum display case manufacturers in the production process we share more exchanges. Let the industry get more valuable experience!